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On April 6, Tapecon hosted ISM-Buffalo for a Factory Tour of their facility.  ISM- Buffalo is affiliated with the Institute for Supply Management (ISM).

Tapecon’s Production Manager, Greg Davis, was the main factory tour guide along with Customer Service Manager Jeff Davis helping as co-guide.  Tapecon’s ISM-Buffalo factory tour had two groups of twelve.  One group took the factory tour while the other group attended a presentation.  After completing each section of the event, the groups switched for maximum exposure of Tapecon’s factory and supply management department.

The presentation was given by Michael Gebera, Tapecon’s Director of Operations.  The talk covered successes overcoming obstacles in supply chain, success identifying supplier risks and overcoming those risks, and how supply chain affects success of company. Attendees learned that today’s most effective companies realize it’s not my company vs. your company; it’s the strength of the supply chain that truly makes the competitive difference.

The Mission of ISM-Buffalo, Inc. is to advance the purchasing profession through high ethical standards of conduct and fairness and to encourage the social and educational opportunities of its members to be as effective as possible in their profession.

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